Private Pay Services

For those patients not yet at the Medicare age requirement, or those who need assistance beyond what Medicare or other group policies provide, Home Health Resources offers these Personal Assistance services:

Our dedicated Care Team can help you with bathing, dressing, and general hygiene needs; assistance with medications; assistance with ambulation and fall precautions, home safety and companionship, meal planning and preparation, and general errands. Services offered from 4-24 hours, 365 days per year. All services are supervised by a Licensed Nurse.

Our nursing staff will monitor your medications, set up your medication boxes each week, call in your prescription refills, and maintain communication with your physician regarding any complications or side-effects.

Needing to have some lab work done to help manage your medications? Our nursing staff can provide this service in your home, so you can avoid the hassle of taking time away from work, and sitting in the doctor’s office for a five-minute visit. We come to you, and ensure the results are reported immediately to you and your physician!

Rates for private pay services are determined through a consultative, no obligation, needs assessment. Our professional staff will review the client’s current condition as well as the types of services desired. After the assessment has been completed, the desired services and fees will be discussed with the client.